Shenendehowa Drama Club’s Upcoming Performance


Jessie Smith, Ava Schleif and Mikayla Lapage, Journalism Block 2AC

The Shenendehowa Drama Club has one week left for their biggest performance of the year. Tickets are now available on their website, posters have popped up all over the High School East building, and students are talking about seeing the 2022 Drama Club’s production of Clue. 

In past years, the shows have gotten less attention due to Covid-19 restrictions, but this year’s Clue production has developed lots of publicity, with the hope that this will spark a big crowd. 

The Drama Club’s official website explains the basics of the club. Students are welcomed from grades 9-12, to construct the annual drama production, which performs in late October. There are many different roles offered, from actors, student directors, understudies, and management, as well as a variety of crews including lights, sound, costumes, props, and stage crews. 

All members can find multiple ways to participate, providing what lead actor Patrick Driscoll, playing Mr. Green in Clue, says is an, “Entergic and enriching experience.” 

The club requires a significant time commitment, with practices 4-5 days a week, sometimes even Saturdays, each lasting 3 hours, sometimes up to 5 hours. Auditions determine roles in the play and rehearsals run from September to November.

Members of the Drama Club say they are excited to perform on October 28 and 29 and November 4th and 5th,ound crew member Elysia Shannon, says, “Clue is an amazing show and all these actors and crews have put a lot of work into it and it’s going to be phenomenal.”

The plot of Clue is a classic “Who done it”, says Driscoll. 

“It is about 6 people who are invited to a mansion by this man who knows a secret from each of the 6 people and uses it to black mail them. When they arrive, they are given a different name along with a weapon and suddenly people start to die and no one knows who killed them,” Shannon says. 

There are 6 main characters in the show: Miss Scarlet, Mr.Green, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, Miss Peach and Monsieur Brunette. Student director of the show and officer in position of Sergeant-At-Arms, Amy Mills, says, “The final scene is very cool because the big thing gets revealed, everything that has been shown throughout the play finally gets developed at the end and gives the audience answers.”

The play has taken lots of preparation and Clue involves a wide variety of individuals to work on it. As the student director, Mill says, “I help run rehearsals, block scenes, give notes to actors, and work with crew managers to get ready for the show.” 

The actors also play an important role and members speak highly of them, as Migeul Slyvester, a stage manager, says, “I love watching the person who plays Wattsworth (Max Greco) rehearse. He’s a high spirited guy and a great person to play the character.” The actors are currently running through the show during rehearsals. 

Behind the stage, the crew is making sure Clue runs smoothly. Slyvester, who specifically runs left stage, says, “I help organize how the pieces come out, make sure nobody breaks anything backstage, organize who is moving what, and there is another manager running the other side. I make it so the show runs smoothly.” 

The sets for the stage are crafted by students. Mills says, “Students work together on Saturdays 9 to 3, developing the art and design projects for the stage.”