“Top Gun: Maverick”


Brendan Teter, Journalism Block 2A/C

Pete Michell, call sign Maverick, famed Navy pilot living his best life recklessly above the clouds. With the threat of nuclear destruction Maverick is called back to Top Gun Academy after many years away as Captain, test flying new concept fighter jets. On his last legs in the Navy after getting saved by his high ranking admiral wingman, Iceman, numerous times Maverick is tasked with teaching the best of the best Top Gun graduates how to maneuver for this risky mission of blowning up a Uranium facility in Iran. “Top Gun: Maverick” sequel after 36 years to “Top Gun,” a 1986 film, can only be described as bigger, better, and more intense. “Top Gun: Maverick” is a thrilling and emotional movie that gives all the intensity that a high stakes, almost impossible mission needs.

The movie is centered around the training for the mission, but also the intense relationship between one of the students, Rooster, and Maverick. After the death of Goose, Mavericks back-seater and good friend, in a failed ejection in the first movie, Gooses’ son, Rooster, is now faced with having to learn from Maverick. He blames Maverick for the death of his father and also for delaying his recruitment into the Navy by four years. During the movie you feel each side of the emotional battle and can’t help but wonder how they will make this mission and their relationship work. The investment in the training because of the danger along with the intense moments between Rooster and Maverick more than keep a viewer interested during the entire movie.

Though the whole movie is based around the big picture of the looming mission, the director Joseph Kosinski doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to small details, tying the whole story together. Like its predecessor, the “Top Gun” sequel takes you and your emotions out of your chair and into the cockpit.