How Cubing Club Is Taking Over Shenendehowa


Suraj Parida, Journalism Block 2AC

When thinking of the most unique clubs at Shenendehowa High School, one comes to mind: Cubing Club. I mean how often are you going to see a club honing a craft, especially one that involves solving Rubik’s Cubes as quickly as possible?

This group of cubers meets every Monday at 7:40 am in room 126. Their advisor is the physics teacher Mr. Tymeson. The club was established at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. The club officers include Yijun Han as President, Tyler Jung as Vice President, Hin Yan Liew as Secretary, Tommy Vollmer as Treasurer, and Harsh Shinde as the social media manager. The officers are all in their senior year of high school, with Han being the founder and the self-proclaimed best cuber in the club. Han has solved a 3×3 cube with both 2 hands and 1 hand, a 4×4, and even a 7×7.

Han says the club is simple. . 

“You play with Rubik’s Cubes, but instead of just solving them, you solve them fast,” said Han. “The most important thing is that we want you to have fun and a good time in this club.” 

 Speed cubing is a hobby

that many fall in love with.

“I enjoyed the challenge and it was addicting to try and improve myself and get better,“ said Han. 

Han first learned to solve a cube when he was in 4th grade, but he only began to learn speedcubing in 6th grade when he met with future cubing club VP: Tyler Jung. Han and Jung have attended multiple cubing competitions together to test their skills, which is what they attempt to preach to members of cubing club. 

Mr. Tymeson, the advisor, also had a positive outlook on the club. 

“I really enjoy seeing those that share a passion for something form a community where they can all converse and be connected with one another,” said Tymeson.

The club is very loose, with it being for all levels of cubers and not having a set schedule. Through this club you will be able to learn new methods and algorithms to solve various cubes. One of the goals of the club is that they are hoping to grow and expand to many more people around the school as they are always welcoming new members. 

Cubing Club is attempting to host a schoolwide 3×3 cubing competition featuring all levels of speedcubers. This will be a fun community event for the school where people can have a good time and test their skills. The officer team is currently talking to the SFA Senate about hosting the competition with it being in a tournament bracket style.

“Cubing is just a fun hobby,” stated Han. “I feel that not too many clubs offered at Shen are created with the intent of having a good time. A lot of people who join clubs just want to put it on their college application. I think that cubing club maintains the integrity of what a good club at Shen should intend to accomplish. Plain and simple fun”