Crumbl Cookie: Is it Worth the Hype?


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Crumbl Cookie is a trendy new chain dessert business that recently opened locations in the Capital Region

Erin Dooley and Cheyanne Zobel, Journalism Block 4AC

Crumbl Cookie, a recently trending tik tok fad has become popular all over the country. The bakery announces new flavors every week, each cookie being served warm, chilled, or room temperature. Customers are drawn in by the intrigue of the constantly changing weekly features. 

Tik tok influencers will sing Crumbl’s praises all day long but are they really all that? 

Makenna Metler, a senior at Shenendehowa said that, “[She] would go again because it’s fun with the different flavors, but it’s really expensive.” 

Each cookie can range from four to five dollars a piece, around seventeen dollars for four cookies, and around twenty-three dollars for six cookies. 

Zoe Lassetter speaks to the pricing of Crumbl Cookies. “Four dollars for a big cookie isn’t a big deal but they aren’t good enough for them to be four dollars.” 

Drew Bullock would agree. “I personally don’t like it…It’s really expensive.” 

On the contrary, Jason Orenstein feels that his Crumbl experience was a positive one. “I’ve waited in two long lines there…but the cookies are delicious.” 

Crumbl Cookie offers a unique layout in which customers are able to see staff make their fresh cookies, but why is only one family allowed inside the store at a time? Most Crumbl Cookie locations are so small with a maximum occupancy of six inside, it is also for the comfort of the customers. Next time you pass by a Crumbl Cookie don’t let the long line outside scare you away. 

Josh Kasper feels that, “It was a good experience to have once or twice but I’m done with it now…It’s overhyped…and not that it matters but it’s like eight hundred calories per cookies, it’s like a whole meal.” 

Cookies range from six hundred calories all the way to nine hundred and twenty calories, and can contain up to fifty grams of fat. 

The ultimate question still comes down to is Crumbl Cookie worth the hype? Your tastebuds will have to tell you themselves. With a new location, Crumbl Cookie is joining right in our backyard with their new location in Clifton Park Center. Grab a few friends and see for yourself what Crumbl Cookie is all about.