Decision Day 2023


Kelsey Higgins, Christina de la Rocha, Ava DeMarco, Shen Pen Contributor

For most people, May 1st is just your average start of the month, but for high school seniors, it holds a little more value. May 1st is the final day for students to put down their college deposit and make a commitment to continue their academic journey.

High schools across the US choose to utilize this special day to honor graduating seniors by encouraging them to wear merchandise that represents their future plans. Whether it’s clothes from a college, university, trade, or the military, decision day is an opportunity for students to showcase their plans for the future. Many students spend college decision day with their eyes glued to their peers’ shirts, trying to absorb the names of the variety of colleges that students are attending next fall.

“I loved walking around on Monday and seeing everyone decked out in their merch. I couldn’t stop looking at everyone’s shirts; I was just so excited to see where everyone is going next year.”, says Julia Romano (Senior). Julia, along with many other students were all asking the same question: where is the class of 2023 going to end up?

Based on a survey sent to the senior class, more than 70 percent of students are planning on attending a college within New York this fall. However, there were some other popular states among the 2023 class, including Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Some Shen graduates are even going as far as California and Italy!

As for the type of school, 47.5% of students are going to a public school, 37.4% are going to a private school, 11.4% are going to a community college, 2.3% are going to a trade school, and 1.4% of students are going into the military. Some of the most popular public schools for Shenendehowa students include University at Buffalo, SUNY Plattsburgh, and SUNY Binghamton.

However, one of the most shocking situations for this year’s graduating class is the lack of acceptance across the board. For example, SUNY Binghamton declined or deferred a vast majority of Shenendehowa seniors, which shocked many. It wasn’t just a public school situation either; many students who applied to IVY schools were rejected. Currently, Shen is only sending two students to Cornell: Class President Jason Orenstein and Joshua Kasper.

Regardless of students’ decisions for the future, these decisions mark new beginnings for the class of 2023. Congratulations are in order as we all transition from a united crew of Plainsmen this spring to a dispersed community next fall. The thought of this change is bittersweet, but exciting for many. Congratulations to the class of 2023 on all of your accomplishments during your Shenendehowa careers, the future is bright. Seniors, enjoy your remaining time as a Plainsman!