Shen UNICEF Club

Brianna Charbonneau, Journalism Block 2AC

UNICEF, formally called United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, now called United Nations Children’s Fund, is an nonprofit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and adolescents across the globe. Shenendehowa High School has its own club, called UNICEF Club, dedicated to this cause.
“Since we’re a school club, we know we can only do so much, but our goal is to make an impact on the lives of children around the globe,” said Shashi Parida, UNICEF Club’s public relations officer.
This club allows for students to make an impact locally and globally, through volunteering, fundraisers, donations, and spreading awareness. “We can do this by educating our members on the issues children face and by raising money through our fundraising events, which gets donated to the official UNICEF USA organization. They use this money to fund their protection and development work in over 190 countries and territories,” said Parida.
Alongside Parida, there are other student officers that help run the club. First, President and Vice President, Neil Lazuruz and Grace Gutierrez. Also, Mariya Shalashova, the secretary, Jana Nayfeh, the treasurer, and Alei Rabie, the fundraising coordinator.
Unicef club’s meetings are held every other Tuesday in room 163. Within these meetings the President, The officers present a slideshow, made by the Vice President, Gutierrez, containing volunteering ideas, fundraising events that are being planned, and current issues they want to advocate for. Then there are engaging activities like trivia and games, and discussion of different issues.
“We give our members opportunities to help. Our main goal is volunteering to help the community and fundraising to donate to the main UNICEF organization to help children around the world,” said Gutierrez.
As for volunteering opportunities, the club volunteers with the Regional Food bank to help box and deliver goods to communities in need, and are currently planning more. For example, a haunted hayride.
Inside and outside of school, this club emphasizes advocacy. In school, the club designs and puts up posters, communicating about events that students can participate in. There is also a bulletin board in one of the hallways, dedicated to UNICEF Club. The board changes monthly, promoting a variety of topics like anti-violence and mental health.
Outside of school, the club utilizes social media to spread awareness and to promote the club. The club has an instagram account, @unicef.shen. This account is used to share informational posts on events, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, or informational posts on issues around the world.
“Join and help us with our mission to be the voice of children,” said Gutierrez.